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TVP Grow Your Own

Here at Thames Valley Park we pride ourselves on being green as do our wonderful occupiers. With this in mind we wanted to bring some of the great outdoors to the desks of staff who work here at Thames Valley Park.


We launched our Grow Your Own campaign this May. Fresh from the May Day Bank Holiday our TVP team headed out to greet staff with planter kits as they arrived into work from their morning commute on Wednesday 3rd May. The kits contain everything you need to grow your own sunflower. Just follow some very simple instructions on our handy how to leaflets kindly designed by the great team over at The Print Room Group (based here at TVP) and inject some love and sunlight to grow a great desk plant. When it has really grown tall maybe even replant at home in your garden! 

As well as the joy of planting we also want to share some pats on the back with great prizes for those who keep in touch with the TVP on the progress of their plant. Simply tweet a growth update with a picture of your plant to @TVParkReading or email to our Marketing Manager Rionne - to win spot prizes for great growth!

If you haven't got your gardening gloves on yet you must get a move on as we have so far seen great progress including the following submissions!

Veera has some sunflower growing secrets up her sleeve with this weekend progress!

Nicky at Oracle is seeing all kinds of sprouting! 


So keep in touch for great prizes from lunches out to shopping vouchers! Happy growing :) 


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